Portable Explosive Detector MO-2M


The MO-2M is a handheld explosives detector designed to detect the presence of explosives on persons and their belongings, in luggage in mass transit systems (airports, train and metro stations), in vehicles, freight and cargo as well as on the premises of buildings, offices and apartments. During inspections, the MO-2M samples and analyzes the ambient air to detect the presence of vapors of explosives. When used in conjunction with its TVIN thermal chamber, the MO-2M can detect both vapors and particles of explosives.

When explosives are detected, the detector generates audible and visible (graphs, text) alarms.

The MO-2M is a hand-held, rapid-response explosives detector.

It utilizes today's most advanced technology developed in Russia by scientists and engineers of the Institute of Applied Physics and known as Non Linear Dependence of ion Mobility (NLDM) on an electric field. This technology has made possible to design an extremely sensitive device capable of simultaneously sampling and detecting explosives vapors in real time. A vapor concentration less than 10-13 g/cm3 (0,01 part per billion) can be easily detected.

The MO-2M is a completely automatic, real-time portable detector that does not require any carrier gas or calibration accessories.

During analysis, the detector automatically recalibrates to constantly adjust the ions separation conditions during to any change in environment air being analyzed.

In vapor mode, the air surrounding the objects being inspected is drawn into the analyzing head of the detector where it is ionized by radioactive source (Tritium) and introduced into the separation chamber. There, the ions are separated by asymmetrical electric fields and then captured on the collector, creating a current that is amplified and registered.

In particle mode, paper swipes are used to collect samples from the objects being inspected and MO-2M is fitted with a small thermal vapor intensifier (TVIN). When a swipe is introduced in the TVIN, the heat evaporates the residues of explosives and the detector analyzed their vapors.

The MO-2M is powered by rechargeable Li-Ion Battery. One Li-Ion battery provides for at least 4 hours of continuous operation in vapor mode* and three batteries are included with each detector.

The MO-2M can also be powered from the main using its AC/DC converter (100-240 Volts, 50– 60 Hz).

The MO-2M is very easy to operate. Once turned on, it takes less than 10 seconds for the MO-2M to be ready to operate.

Technical characteristics

Detection principle: Non Linear Dependence of ion Mobility on an electric field - NLDM
Design philosophy: Contains 2 channels:
- analytical: to analyze air samples
- reference: the channel contains an internal standard (TNT cartridge) for autocalibration
Explosive traces detection: Vapors and particles
Response time in direct air sampling: 2 seconds
Threshold of sensitivity to TNT at +20°C and relative humidity 50%: Not less than 10-13 g/cm3 on vapors;
Better than 500 picogram on particles.
Detectable substances: Trinitrotoluol (TNT), cyclotrimetilentrinitroamin (hexogen), pentaeritrotetranitrat (PETN), nitroglycerin, and explosives based on them
Method of Ionization of vapors: Ionization by the radioactive sources based on Tritium, built-in inside each channel, with total activity up to 99.0 mCi (optionally up to 27 mCi)
Data transfer to the external PC: - USB-cable
- built-in radio channel (BlueTooth)
Readiness for operation after switching on: Not more than 10 seconds
Alarm signals: Audible, LED, visual display of graphs (ionograms) on color LCD
Power supply: Li-Ion storage battery 14.4 V, 3.4 Ah (3 batteries in the complete set), or from main (100-240V)
Internal memory: 5700 ionograms with results of analysis (up to 10 000 is possible)
Time of continuous operation from one storage battery*: - at least 5 hours in vapor detection mode,
- at least 3 hours in particles detection mode with the use of the TVIN evaporating chamber
Gas-carrier: Not required
Power consumption, not more: 12 VA
Weight of the handheld unit: not more than 1.5 kg (with storage battery)
Weight of the complete set**: not more than 9.0 kg
Dimensions of the handheld unit: not more than 305 x 120 x 86 mm
Dimensions of the packed complete set**: not more than 515 х 430 х 150 mm
Operating temperature:

+5°C ... +55°C in vapor detection mode

-10°C ... +55°C when operating in particles detection mode with the use of the TVIN evaporating chamber

* When operating with 3,4 Аh Li-ion battery.

** Dimensions and weight of the complete set in transportation package may vary depending on type of the package and completeness.

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