Explosives Detectors

Portable Explosive Detector MO-2M
Detection of explosive vapors and traces by means of air analysis in real time

Portable Explosive Traces Detector MO-2DT
Detection of explosive traces by means of quick particles analysis during various objects inspection

Detector of Explosive Traces on Documents MO-2D
Examination of documents (passports, ID, credit cards, etc.) for presence of explosive traces

Gas Chromatographs

Portable Gas Chromatograph GC-FE
Qualitative analysis of impurities of organic substances in the air

Portable Gas Chromatograph GC-FN
Fast and qualitative analysis of a wide range of hydrocarbons, in particular, drugs

Metal Detectors

Hand-held Selective Microprocessor Metal Detector OVERTONE
Detection of metal objects during persons and compact objects inspection

Portable Selective Microprocessor Metal Detector MOLE
Detection and identification of ferrous and non-ferrous objects in dielectric and poorly conducting mediums

Stationary Multizone Metal Detector RUBIKON
Inspection of people going through control gates

Non-Linear Junction Detectors

Non-Linear Junction Detector RFD-23
Detection of hidden semiconductor elements, irrespective of theirs functional state

X-Ray Inspection Systems

Portable X-Ray Inspection System SXR-150
Inspection of luggage, baggage, premises, communication facilities, office equipment, walls, furniture, etc. for hidden weapons, Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) and other dangerous objects

X-Ray Body Scanner VZOR-TS
Inspection of various objects concealed in or under the clothes of a person, on or inside the body