Portable Gas Chromatograph GC-FE


Portable gas chromatograph GC-FE is designed for qualitative and quantitative analysis of electron-acceptor substances in gaseous and condensed samples in a stationary conditions or mobile laboratories.

The field of application is the detection and identification of explosives with the purpose of ensuring the safety of air, automobile, water and railway transport, industrial enterprises, office and residential premises, during the examination of mail, packages and goods, as well as individuals.

General characteristics

Analyzed samples: liquid, gaseous.

Samples input: syringe and concentrating injectors (with the help of exchangeable assemblages).

Liquid sample preparation: dissolving of the analyzed substance in an appropriate solvent (ethanol, acetonitrile or methanol).

Enrichment of gaseous samples: adsorption pre-concentration.

Principle of the GC-FE operation is based on the chromatographic separation of the sample (mixture of substances) in a multicapillary column followed by ionization and registration of the individual substances by the electron-capture detector.

Software: specialized Chrom software for control of the chromatograph’s operation, data acquisition and processing, forming the chromatograms archive and updating of the detectable substances databases.

Technical characteristics

Detector type: Electron-Capture (ECD)
Gas-carrier: argon (or nitrogen)
Typical substances: Electron-acceptor substances (nitro-, halogen-, phosphorous-containing compounds), in particular, explisives, pesticides.
Detection limit to particular compounds: Standart - not more than 2 pg lindane
RDX: 16,0 pg
TNT: 3,0 pg
PETN: 5,0 pg
Analysis cycle duration: Not more than 60 sec
Time of continuous operation: Not less than 8 hours (from mains 110÷240 V 50÷60 Hz)

**These are the standard/draft specifications that can be customized as per the requirement of client.

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