Portable Gas Chromatograph GC-FN


Portable high-speed automatic Gas Chromatograph GC-FN is an individually graduated measuring tool (Certificate of approval of the measuring tool type RU.C.31.001.A No 26303). GC-FN is designed for application in both laboratory conditions and within mobile autonomous complexes (for example, criminalistic ones) with a purpose of qualitative and quantitative analysis of organic substances, in particular, for detection and identification of narcotic substances in extracts.

General characteristics

Analyzed samples: liquid, gaseous

Samples input: syringe and concentrating injectors (with the help of exchangeable assemblages)

Liquid sample preparation: dissolving of the analyzed substance in an appropriate solvent (ethanol, acetonitrile or methanol)

Enrichment of gaseous samples: adsorption pre-concentration

Principle of operation: chromatographic separation of the mixture of substances (the sample) in a multicapillary column followed by ionization and registration of the individual substances by the photo-ionization detector

Software: specialized Chrom software for control of the chromatograph’s operation, data acquisition and processing, forming the chromatograms archive and updating of the detectable substances databases

Technical characteristics

Detector type: Photo-Ionization
Gas-carrier: ambient air
Typical substances: Wide range of hydrocarbons (including aromatic) and their derivatives, in particular, drugs
Detection limit to particular compounds: standard (prometrin) - not more than 0.1 nanogram
cocaine: 0,5 ng
amphetamine: 0,5 ng
THC: 1,5 ng
heroin: 1,5 ng
Analysis cycle duration not more than 80 sec
Time of continuous operation not less than 8 hours (from mains 110-240 V, 50/60 Hz)

**These are the standard/draft specifications that can be customized as per the requirement of client.

Download detailed description in PDF.